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Creating a fulfilling, purposeful and meaningful life that includes what you want both personally and professionally won’t happen just by wishing it were so.

Whether you take a big or small step, with your desire for change and commitment to do the work, coupled with my entrepreneurial and leadership background, you’ll find a co-creative partner who will walk with you to your next destination!

Executive Coaching with Kim Neeson

You’re motivated and ambitious. You’ve accomplished big things already.

When people look at you, they see someone who has it all together: Strong. Smart. Successful. You appear to have it all.

And yet, when you’re out of the spotlight, you struggle. You’re overwhelmed with the demands placed on your time and it would be great if you could enjoy some of the fruits of your labor.

Sound familiar?

I get it. I’ve been there, too.

When life feels out of control, it's easy to think there's something wrong with you.

As a certified coach, I help people go from stressed, tired and tapped out to calm, confident and fulfilled.

Let’s be honest. Your life’s okay, but not great.

You’ve got a big job or you own a business but you’re struggling to keep up and feel guilty about everything you don’t get done at work. You often come home late and can’t get anything done there either. It’s frustrating.

You think if you could just get better at managing your time, things would change…but they don’t. You dream of feeling more peaceful, in control and less anxious.

At times, it feels like all you do is work.

Why choose me as your coach?

Kimberly Neeson, Toronto Based Executive Coach - Work LIfe Balance

Flexibility + Integration.

I understand what it’s like to walk in your shoes. My decades of work and life experience allow me to present options other coaches can’t offer.

I call it my mentorship model. It’s a hybrid style of coaching that allows me to not only show up as your coach and mentor, but also step into a consultant role when required.

With the mentorship model, you get the benefit of guidance from a person who’s been in a similar situation and has years of expertise in helping people create their best life.

How it Works:

I don’t rely on assessments, types or parlour tricks that reveal interesting information about you but doesn’t actually help you find that elusive work-life balance. Using coaching as our starting point, we work together to make sure you have the individualized support you need.

You’ll go from being a stressed out, guilty-whenever-you-aren’t-working sort of person to one who can relax on the nights and weekends and still keep your professional ambitions alive! People WILL notice. More importantly, you’ll finally figure out how to live your best life yet.

Though our work together, I’ll be your supportive and compassionate partner in:

Uncovering Your Blind Spots

We all have a specific lens through which we view the world in order to feel safe. We’ll uncover yours and make it work for you.

Better Time Management

Through introspection, conversation and powerful questions, we’ll find ways to curate a life that filters out the noise and distractions too much stuff creates.

Prioritizing You

Sleep soundly, build better boundaries and have time for self-care. You’ll be able to enjoy a latte AND feel productive!

Kim Neeson is Your Exeutive Coach for finding work life balance

How do we write your next chapter?

  • By taking time to reflect without the “noise” of life.
  • Going deep into your heart, mind and soul
  • Expanding your current vision of who you are today
  • Opening up your creativity, longings and talents
  • Integrating your values, identity and goals

Are you ready to get started? Here's how it works:

1. We Start With a Conversation

Schedule a 30 minute call to ensure we’re a good fit.

2. We Create
A Plan

Say yes to a custom coaching package created for you.

3. We Send You Soaring

 Feel the freedom of an integrated and intentional life.