Meet Kim Neeson, Your GTA Executive Coach for High Performing Women

I’m Kim Neeson. I’m a wife, mother, entrepreneur, recovering perfectionist, and fierce advocate for my clients.

A few years ago, I sold my business to the most successful company in my industry. But the road to that destination wasn’t a straight line: I overcame partnerships that failed, litigation and harassment; I led both women and men, hired and fired toxic employees, and had moments when I wondered if I could meet payroll that week; I had friendships fall away, sacrificed personal time to achieve success and had moments where I was ready to literally throw the business out the window. I navigated marriage, divorce, motherhood, stress-induced illness and a few other major life events.

I know what it’s like to question everything. I’m guilty of taking my work on vacation. I’ve turned myself into a pretzel to accommodate the needs of everyone around me.

I’m driven, determined, and dedicated. After 25 years of owning a successful business in Toronto, I realized the life I created for myself was lacking in work/life integration, deep meaning and real connection.

For years, work was my haven - my safe place. I was rewarded. I received all the right acknowledgements and accolades that kept my ego going. Award-winning woman entrepreneur? Check. Work/life integration? Not so much.

Enter coaching. I took my training through Erickson International Coaching. For the first time, I began to question what role I was playing in my own story.

I dug deep. I realized I was allowing work to define my life. To define ME.

When I listened to my heart, I knew there was a way to stop the sacrificing and find my own runway to freedom. Having found my inner happy, I’m now here to be your guide and help you find yours.

You CAN go home without feeling guilty. And maybe you can’t have it all, but boy, you can have a LOT of it!

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