When briefs & business cards no longer cut it.

Drive your professional growth with our custom business development support designed for those in the legal industry.

Hustling for business is the last thing you expect when you enter the legal profession.

But too many in the industry experience it. Your educational training equips you with the necessary skills to practice law or perform services within a regulatory framework. It falls short in preparing you for the business acumen required to grow and maintain a thriving practice and to make valuable contributions to your firm's success.

This leaves you with a crucial gap in knowledge, a void that often becomes glaringly evident as you venture beyond the hallowed halls of academia and into the dynamic, competitive realm of legal practice.

In the complex narrative of your professional journey, the chapters of business strategy, client development, personal branding, strategic growth, and evolving productivity tools are essential pages that need attention.

With your demanding schedule, having someone who can help you optimize your time management, by prioritizing tasks, delegating responsibilities, and allocating time effectively for business development activities is key to professional growth.

Exceptional expertise alone does not guarantee a flourishing career or a thriving law-related practice.

The Best Business Coaching for Lawyers in the US:Canada

Experience growth through authentic relationships.

Envision a world where you are actively cultivating genuine relationships within and beyond the legal industry. These strategic connections become catalysts for your personal and professional growth, expanding your network, and driving tangible business results.

Enrich your practice, expand your network.

Together, we'll help you navigate the terrain of legal business development with confidence. By identifying your unique strengths and opportunities, and crafting a tailored strategy, you are set on a path to successfully integrating business development into your practice. And it'll never feel sales-y, insincere, or unwanted. Together, we'll identify the success path that will help you stand out, get recognized, and command respect.

Business Development is Better With the Right Strategic Partner

Be More Intentional With Your Time

What got you here won't get you there. Learn to rebalance your time to create space for business development and increase your productivity.

Curate Your
Personal Brand

Uncover the distinctive elements that set you apart in a sea of legal practitioners and legal-related services. Your story is your superpower-let's craft it strategically for maximum impact.

Master the Art
of Client Attraction

Transform casual inquiries into committed clients. We guide you through proven strategies to attract, engage, and retain clients effectively.

Strategic Growth

Navigate the maze of your business with confidence. We provide a roadmap to marketing mastery, productivity and strategic planning that propels your practice to new heights.

Leverage a Network
of Allies

In the legal world, your network is your net worth. Learn the art of developing authentic connections that open doors to opportunities, collaborations, and referrals.

Discover Your
Unique Narrative

Elevate your practice from surviving to thriving. Our coaching will help you tap into a purpose-driven practice that aligns with your core values.

Kim Neeson, Coach for Attorneys

I'm your strategic collaborator and coach, Kim Neeson.

As an award-winning entrepreneur in the legal industry and successful corporate leader, I'm uniquely suited to inspiring and empowering professionals like lawyers, investigators, mediators, arbitrators, and other legal service providers to perform at their best.

I enjoy my work with clients to help them overcome business development challenges, so they can achieve and exceed their goals.

✔️ I founded and grew my first business into a multi-million-dollar enterprise.
✔️ Recognized speaker and writer in both Canada and the U.S. to lawyers, judges, and professionals across industries.

Recognized by:

Your journey to success in three simple steps:

Step 1: Discover your strengths

Identify your unique skills and expertise that can be leveraged for business growth.

Step 2: Craft your strategic plan

Use your strengths and opportunities to develop a personalized business development strategy.

Step 3: Implement
your plan

Take the first step and watch as your strategy brings tangible results and drives your professional growth.

Are you ready to reap the rewards of strategic business development? When you partner with us, you can expect to:

  • Gain confidence and control in your approach to business development
  • Develop authentic professional relationships that fuel your career growth
  • Create a personalized strategy that drives tangible results
  • Uncover unique opportunities for growth within your existing network
  • Enjoy continued success with a strategy that adapts to your evolving needs
  • Optimize your time, creating space for next level success

Take the next step towards a thriving career or business today.